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This is a campaign setting run by DM Viktor on DeadGoblins: Points of Light

Below you will find very brief introductions to each adventure, as well as a synopsis upon completion. Click the "Prologue" link for a detailed journal of prologue adventures.



Though pretty be its colour,
the flower alas will fade;
what is there in this world
that can stay forever?
As I go forward from today,
to the end of the visible world,
I shall see no more dreams drift by
And I shall not be fooled by them.

- Kobo Daishi (775-835)


  • Edeya comes to the Nentir Vale seeking enlightenment. She selflessly rescues Daria from kidnapping and they become friends on their way to Fallcrest.
  • Demuriath waits in the Cloak Woods of Nentir Vale, waiting for sign from the Raven Queen. He prevents an undead sorceror from intercepting a message to the House of the Sun in Fallcrest, which he then delivers himself.
  • Azad travels to Fallcrest over the Moon Hills in the Nentir Vale, where she is accosted by bandits trying to kidnap her, and with Sehanine's aid defeats them. She meets Elend, a handsome young wizard in Fallcrest and helps him evade assassination.
  • Corydimbiddle seeks adventure in the Nentir Vale by following after his acquaintance Douven Stahl. His search for the dragonologist leads him to Nimozaran the Green's tower in Fallcrest, where he skillfully evades a devious bridge trap.
  • An evil wind portends dire times. Edeya, Demuriath, Azad, and Corydimbble are asked by the Council of Fallcrest to retrieve the "desideratum" relic from Gardmore Abbey.
  • Arriving too late at Gardmore Abbey, all the Bahamutian priests have been turned undead and the adventurers thwart a mass raise undead ritual.
  • Following a lead to Winterhaven in the west of the Nentir Vale, the adventurers join with Harkin the hermit druid.

“Shadows over Nentir” (Heroic Tier)

Keep on the Shadowfell


An evil Wind stirs in the Nentir Vale.

It blows in harshly from the south and travels up the Nentir River to Fallcrest. It is strong enough to push a young man off the cliffs to his death, at the edge of the Falls of Fallcrest. Lingering a moment to savor the loss of life…and perhaps even the gain of death, The Wind blows on around the Vale, from Harkenwold to Hammerfast, then bounds off the Dawnforge mountains in the east.

As it streaks west on its way to Thunderspire, The Wind blows through the Five-league Inn, causing its shutters to rattle loudly. A few of the Inn’s guests begin turning fitfully in their beds, as if suddenly plagued by terrible nightmares.

Moving on, The Wind reaches the summit of Thunderspire and circles amidst ominous looking clouds. Lightning bolts strike the base of the mountain repeatedly, trying to gain entrance to its depths. A family of Halfling traders quickly seeks shelter in tunnels near the surface.

Not tarrying too long, the possessed Wind, now whispering words in a sinister language long forgotten, speeds further west towards the Stonemarch range.


Frightened children, returning home before sunset, gaze skywards from the fields outside Winterhaven as The Wind passes overhead. In the town itself, an old sage gazes out the window of his tower. His eyes move northwards along the sky, following the passage of The Wind. He shudders as the flames in his fireplace suddenly extinguish.

Even orcs and goblins will stay indoors tonight. Only the dead seem unperturbed by this strangest of winds.

It eventually slows down, having found its destination amidst the ruins of an old keep. "It is time……"


  • The adventurers are hired by Lord Padraig of Winterhaven to help with recent kobold bandit activity. They find and wipe out the kobold hideout, discovering that a hobgoblin named Irontooth (a member of the Bloodreavers), has been working for a priest named Kalarel.
  • They follow Ninaran the hunter to a dragon burial site where a spectral image of Kalarel fights them. They rescue Douven Stahl and discover a strange hand mirror that Kalarel sought.
  • Back in Winterhaven the adventurers discover a secret cult of Orcus led by the shopkeeper Bairwin. They save a the orphaned girl Anna from being sacrificed. Lord Padraig hires them to investigate the Keep on the Shadowfell and stop Kalarel from whatever he's planning.
  • A centuries old undead Bahamutian knight, Sir Keegan, reveals that Kalarel plans to open a rift to a dark place in the Shadowfell. The keep was built over the rift and guarded by the Platinum Order.
  • Demuriath fights for his soul, which both Orcus and the Raven Queen are trying to claim. He survives for the time being, but is changed into a Revenant follower of the Raven Queen. During this struggle, the others fight a mysterious woman named Lightshade, who may have also taken the desideratum from Gardmore Abbey.
  • The adventurers are captured by the Bloodreavers and taken to the hobgoblin Commander Tra-ak. After proving that Kalarel plans to betray the Bloodreavers, Tra'ak releases them and moves out of the keep.
  • The adventurers find the chamber of the rift and battle Kalarel who is sucked into the shadowfell rift just before it's sealed shut. Piecing together what they know, it's clear that Kalarel was working under orders from some Master elsewhere in the Nentir Vale.
  • Kalarel's rod falls at Edeya's feet and she instinctively picks it up. She collapses unconscious and has a vision, but appears otherwise unharmed. The rod has miraculously transformed into a magnificent greatbow and Edeya feels a new calling within her. The woman Lightshade watched the entire confrontation before escaping.
  • In Winterhaven the adventurers, now named Light's Shadow, find out that the inhabitants fought countless undead during the night. Several Winterhavians are missing, including the girl Anna, her grandfather Eilian, and the innkeeper Susana Wrafton.
  • Over the next few weeks rebuilding Winterhaven, Light's Shadow discovers that the departing Bloodreavers may have kidnapped the Winterhavians to take them to the Seven-Pillared Hall in Thunderspire Mountain. Daria arrives with a relief caravan. She hands Azad a letter from Elend and tells Edeya that her sister and another man are looking for her.
  • Light's Shadow heads to Thunderspire Mountain, apprising the Council of Fallcrest of events on the way.

Thunderspire Labyrinth


Long ago, the Nentir Vale was ruled by the minotaur lords of the underground city of Saruun Khel, hidden under the Thunderspire Mountain.

It disappeared from history’s stage some three hundred years ago.

Very little is known about Saruun Khel and the minotaur civilization, and no one really knows why they died out.

What is known is that inside Thunderspire Mountain are at least two specific parts of the ancient city of the minotaur, the Labyrinth and the Seven-Pillared Hall.

Both appear in various texts from explorations of the mountains.

More recent sources speak of the Mages of Saruun, modern arcanists who seem to have some lesser or greater influence in what remains of the ruined city.

- Valthrun the Prescient


  • Light's Shadow enter Thunderspire Mountain and Edeya begins to have lapses as strange visions appear in her mind. The adventurers rescue the halfling Rendil Halfmoon from Bloodreaver slavers.
  • Rendil takes them to the Halfmoon Inn in the Seven Pillared Hall. The inn is run by his mother Erra Halfmoon. Edeya meets Vadriar the Sage who is Valthrun the Prescient's of Winterhaven's twin brother. Vadriar knows much about the ancient history although he appears somewhat strange.
  • During dinner some Bloodreavers invade the inn, trying to burn it down. Light's Shadow thwarts them and are sardonically congratulated by the minstrel Bennik the Wanderer as they deliberate what to do next:
As battle ends they stand about, some of them in obvious doubt.
Their foes are slain all around, save one bugbear on the ground.
He cringes, pleads, and tells them all, yet still they idle about the Hall.
Perchance heroes are not merely born, but grow over time to weather the storm.
Light's Shadow is their grand name, but will they ever reach great fame?
  • The adventurers decide to seek the Chamber of Eyes where the Bloodreavers headquarters are purported to be. Choosing battle over prudence they invade the hideout, killing almost everyone, including the leader General Krand. They rescue the Winterhavian innkeeper, Susana Wrafton and discover that the Bloodreavers were capturing slaves to sell. The slaves were sold to the duergar clan Grimmerzhul.
  • Returning to the Seven Pillared Hall, the ogre Enforcer Brugg ambushes the adventurers but is held back by the Ordinator Arcanis.
  • The Ordinator Arcanis reveals himself as Orontor, one of the Mages of Saruun, and tasks the party with finding his apprentice Paldemar. Paldemar had been sent to find the other Mages of Saruun who went missing. Harkin gives in to his longing for the outdoors and leaves the group.
  • Light's Shadow invades the Grimmerzhul Trading Post in the Seven Pillared Hall, again killing everyone. Some documents point to the slave trade between clan Grimmerzhul and the Bloodreavers. They discover that the Grimmerzhul clan is located deep underground at the Horned Hold.
  • Edeya befriends Terrlen Darkseeker at the Halfmoon Inn. He tells them of Murklemore Grimmerzhul, clan chief of clan Grimmerzhul and offers to guide them to the Horned Hold. He warns Edeya to fight carefully against the clan and survive for she has a greater destiny.
"Listen. If you're planning to mess with the Grimmerzhul Clan, be careful, prepare well, and you'll come out of it alive. However, you have a greater destiny battling the Blood Lord. An evil wind has been stirring in the Nentir Vale for some time now and there are some of us devoted towards preserving the Points of Light during the coming Darkness. You will not fulfill your destiny without aid and the wisdom to know when to ask for it. When the time is right, go to the Fiveleague House on the road between Fallcrest and Hammerfast and tell Strider that I sent you there."
  • The next day Terrlen Darkseeker guides Light's Shadow towards the Horned Hold arriving at an old dwarven fort, leading them into an ambush after transforming into the woman Lightshade whom they met at the Keep on the Shadowfell.
  • Surviving the ambush by horde of gnolls and shadow dragon, Light's Shadow reaches the Horned Hold and befriends the smith Urvol Grimmerzhul and the Great Orcs (a band of five orc warriors led by Grog). Urvol is most keen on smithing with a rare magical substance called arcanium and agrees to lead any rescued slaves to safety as long as Light's Shadow kills the clan chief Murklemore Grimmerzhul. They do so, rescuing some more Winterhavians including a now blinded Eilian the Old (Anna's grandfather), but his granddaughter was taken with all the children for some nefarious purpose deep underground.
  • Light's Shadow finds the tunnel to a vast underground cistern called the Sea of Shadows. Instead of pressing on, they return to the Seven-Pillared Hall to rest. During the night, everyone has a lucid dream that tricks them into fighting each other at the Halfmoon Inn. Corydimbiddle and Edeya share a dream that took them to the Sea of Shadows where dark beings are sucking the life out of enslaved children for some ritual.
  • Uneasy, Light's Shadow heads to the Sea of Shadows and defeat the two bronze minotaur warders on guard. Edeya continues to have visions related to ancient times, every time her bow warms in her hands. Moving to the center of the sea, the group confronts dozens of bronze warders and dark shadowy beings involved in a ritual creating a massive vortex portal in the center. The beings are sucking arcane and life energies out of the captured Mages of Saruun, using the enslaved children as sacrificial replenishment of life to keep the mages going. Several children had already died overnight, which could have been prevented had Light's Shadow not slept on matters. The vortex portal appears to lead to a realm of Undeath.
  • As they try to disrupt the ritual, Paldemar (Orontor's apprentice) appears atop the same shadow dragon that ambushed the group with the gnoll horde. A fierce battle ensues and the tide turns when the Mages of Saruun are freed from the dark beings. Their leader, Tarlesin, links with some of the others to attack Paldemar but fail. Acknnowledging defeat, the mages teleport to safety taking most of the surviving children with them. Corydimbiddle risks all to save Anna and decides to keep her close. The ritual is disrupted, unleashed a gigantic tidal wave. Light's Shadow flees, defeating the shadoow dragon to escape, while Paldemar and the hundreds of bronze warders are engulfed in water.
  • The ritual and ensuing tidal wave destabilized the cavern of the Sea of Shadows. As the group runs for their lives, Narg finds them and helps their escape. Everyone becomes separated as they slide down watery tunnels. They reconvene shortly later, although Hadad has gone missing. Moving ahead of the flowing waters, Light's Shadow enters a steam-filled chamber with dozens of pillars enscribed with ancient mintotaur runes, apparenatly a history of some sort although none know the script. Geysers erupt randomly and two pale-skinned, blind minotaurs guard the chamber. The group carefully avoids conflict and passes through an energy field into a frigid, icy corridor.
  • The icy corridor ends in a large throne room, with two minotaur skeletons still sitting in the thrones. After defeated several undead Light's Shadow investigates the thrones and occupants. Demuriath finds assassin's equipment on one skeleton, while Narg finds a green-white glowing orb and shares a vision with Edeya. The vision shows them that Paldemar is still alive talking to a gnoll leader, Maldrick, in the Well of Demons. Maldrick and his gnolls were the ones ambushing Light's Shadow at the old dwarven fort, sent there by Paldemar. However, neither of them knew that Terrlen Darkseeker was imitated by the woman Lightshade. Paldemar states his plans for completing a ritual to release the Pyramid of Shadows from its prison and that he will retire to the Shrine of Undeath. Paldemar would have captured Edeya in the vision if not for Narg using the green-white orb to save her. Coming out of the vision, Edeya's bow once more is warm to her touch. Finding a secret passage out of the throne room the group moves on.
  • They return to the Seven-Pillared Hall and consult with the Mage Orontor, relating to him that his apprentice Paldemar was behind the capture of the other Mages of Saruun and the Paldemar still lives and is conspiring with the gnoll leader Maldrick. The group also meets the real Terrlen Darkseeker again and find out that he was knocked out by an unknown person the night before he was to lead the party to the Horned Hold. An imposter took his place who lead them to the ambush at the old dwarf fort. After resting, this time the real Terrlen leads the party, along with the girl Anna who refuses to stay behind, to the Well of Demons where they hope to find Maldrick and Paldemar.
  • Upon entering the area of the Well of Demons, the party encounters several gnoll hunters, fighters, and hyenas, along with a gnoll priest. After defeating them, they find a strange black tome in the priest's shrine chamber that they take with them before proceeding deeper into the Well of Demons.
  • Inside the Well of Demons the party discovers three spirit adventurers that reveal that the area was always a proving grounds for the minotaurs of Khel. Four items, a tome (which the party already has in possession), a blade, a mask, and a bell need to be retrieved and placed within the Well of Demons to summon the guardian. Only defeating the guardian will allow passage into the inner sanctum, where the party suspects that the gnoll leader Maldrick Scarmaker and the nefarious Paldemar reside.
  • The party goes south from the Well of Demons and enters the chamber with blood pools and giant minotaur statues. After some grueling fighting, blood bathing, and trap disabling, the party emerges from the chamber with the runic blade only to discover that Anna has been kidnapped....again. Corydimbiddle leads a bull-headed charge in hot pursuit and Anna is quickly rescued.

Pyramid of Shadows

“Fading Light” (Paragon Tier)

King of the Trollhaunt Warrens

Demon Queen's Enclave

Assault on Nightwyrm Castle

“Lingering Darkness” (Epic Tier)

Death's Reach

Kingdom of the Ghouls

Prince of Undeath

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