Treasures of Varinia

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Treasures of Varinia is the name of a campaign currently running on The DM is Michael Doss.


Main Characters

Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

  • Artimus, Guardian of Artifacts at the Wisenstone School.



Treasures of Varinia takes place in a "default" version of the D&D Fourth Edition world, but with a unique history and geography.

The Varinian Empire has control of the entire continent of Etron, save the extreme northern reaches on the far side of the Everice mountains. The land is largely temperate, thanks mainly to the empire's large amount of coastline. Regions of all ecosystems can be found, however. Wisenstone School is found on the Western coast of the empire, in the city of Occident.

Etron makes up the majority of land in the northern hemisphere. Three separate continents, Eguh Rus, Egral Rus, and Ynit Rus make up most of the rest of the planet's land. Eguh Rus is home to the Dragonborn nation, which has gone to war with Varinia four times in last thousand years - most recently 120 years ago.

The Feywild and Shadowfell, the Astral Sea, the Elemental Chaos and the Abyss exist as described in the Dungeon Master's Guide.


All races from PHB 1 and 2 can be found in Varinia, although Humans, Halflings and Dwarfs are predominant. Dragonborns generally live in their own nation on Eguh Rus, though some settlements exist on Etron. Elves, Eladrin, and Gnomes have small settlements in places where the Feywild intersects the world, but can also be found in all large cities. Tieflings, Changelings, Warforged and Deva can be found in very small numbers living among human populations. Goliaths, Half-Orcs and Shifters have largely settled in the wildlands of the southern continents.

Travel and Transportation

While many types of mundane travel are used, long distances are usually transversed via teleportation circles, of which ten exist in Etron. They can be found in the cities of Occident, Shorekeep, Varishope (the nation's capital), Stillloch, Markham, Rivervale, Bridgeport, Feykeep, Varis' Pride, and Drakewatch. There are rumors of circles in Eguh Rus as well, though they are undocumented.

Arcane Arts and Powers

The arcane arts, while by no means rare, are more unusual among heroes than in a standard D&D game. Cantrips and simple magics are well known and practiced by tradespeople, crafters, and artists, but advanced magic requires a combination of training and innate ability. Anyone who hopes to access true arcane power and control it attends a school of magic, of which many exist. The same goes for magical items - items with slight magical powers (weapon enhancements) are commonplace, but true wondrous items are rare and fabled.


Chapter 1: Gainful Employment

Artimus, Professor and Guardian of Artifacts at the Wisenstone School, enlists the aid of three students and his own warforged assistant to recover a mysterious artifact on the other side of the Varianian Empire. The team investigates reports of a ghost in Twinmarsh, a small town outside Rivervale, on the Eastern side of Varinia. The "ghost" turns out to be a local wealthy weaponsmith named Johnson, who was using a magical item called a Ghostphase Amulet to appear as a ghost, walk through walls, and steal the possessions of his fellow townspeople.

Chapter 2: The Dark Orb of Prophecy

Well-rested and well-equipped after their time in Twinmarsh, Artimus sends the team in search of the Dark Orb of Prophecy, a magical item that foretells dark aspects of the future. The orb is thought to be in possession of a shadar-kai named Thoran, using it to see his own future heinous acts and carry them out successfully.

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