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Current campaign involvement:

Treasures of Varinia

Gharnash - Dragonborn Dragon Sorcerer 2

A macho, uber-confident dealer of large amounts of death and pain spread over large areas.

Points of Light

Demuriath - Githzerai Pursuing Avenger 1

A student in the ways of Death, from causing it to observing its effects.


Kurvilis - Gnome Illusionist Wizard 1

A small persona with a large amount of power over the minds and bodies of his enemies.

Dungeon Delves

Delve 1: Gal-Uk - Half-Orc Thaneblood Barbarian 1

Delve 2: Gerren - Deva Wolf Shaman 2

Delve 3: Dungeon Master

Delve 5: Dungeon Master

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